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Hexa Connector has more than 12 years of experience in the production of waterproof cable gland. The main products are metal and nylon waterproof cable gland, explosion-proof armored cable gland, waterproof boxes and etc.

Featured Products

We design and manufacture cable glands and accessories for every environment. Our products are suitable for a range of applications and cover various international installation codes from IEC to NEC.

Waterproof Cable Gland

Nylon Cable Gland

Explosion-Proof Cable Gland

IP68 Waterproof Connector

T Type Outdoor Waterproof Cable Gland Connector IP68

Mini Waterproof Junction Box

Stainless Steel Cable Gland

EMC Brass Cable Gland – D Series

Manufacturer of High Quality Waterproof Cable Gland

Hexa Connector has more than 12 years of experience in the production of waterproof cable connectors. The main products are metal and nylon waterproof cable connector, explosion-proof armored cable connector, waterproof boxes and etc. Our factory has nearly 4000 square meters, and the monthly output exceeds 10 million pieces. Our product certification includes CE, IP68, ROHS, EX, ATEX, TUV, CCC, ISO14001, 1SO45001, ISO9001, IATF 16949 and other certificates.

HEXACONNECTOR's Services Always Go Extra Mile

No more endlessly wasting time on lousy cable connector wholesalers. HEXACONNECTOR’s goal is to let you sit back and relax. We take care of all the dirty works, including trade stuff, clearance and logistics, etc. Our consultant will keep you informed of the trade progress throughout.

After-sales service

Our 24/7 customer service team is ready to address your questions and concerns, dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Lighting Fast Delivery

If you don't need additional designs, just the finished product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery.

Start With Low MOQ

If you want to wholesale cable connectors, we support a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces for the first order.


We Are Committed to Providing Our Customers With High Quality, Best Delivery Time and Competitive Prices.


Experienced Professional Team

Our teams have worked together for many years across industries, honing our expertise and developing a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Whether you need help with complex projects or ongoing support for your business, our team has the skills and experience needed to get the job done right.



Our products are far ahead of our competitors. With premium materials, innovative design features, and unparalleled customer support, our dedicated team of experts worked tirelessly to create a product that outperforms anything else on the market.


Quality Inspection Guarantee

At HexaConnector, we understand the importance of quality. That’s why we invest heavily in our quality testing facilities to ensure that every product that leaves our factory meets our high standards.


After-sales service

Our multi-channel customer service team is available 24/7 and can quickly respond to any questions or concerns customers may have. We are here to resolve any issues you may have and will work tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.


OEM & ODM Available

You provide the design and we generally will give you a solution in a week’s time.

Cooperative Clients

 Hexa Connector has cooperative customers in Germany, France, the United States, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, the Middle East and many other countries.

FAQs About Cable Connector Wholesale

HEXACONNECTOR has been wholesaling cable connectors for 12 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

A.You can provide us with your drawings and requirements; we will produce the drawings. Alternatively, we can design according to your specifications if you don’t have a clear plan.

B.Choose what you need based on the product description; if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

A. 100% TT in advance.

B. For other payment methods, please contact us to reach an agreement.

A. It depends on the order quantity. Typically, the delivery time will be 7 to 10 days.

A. Both inner and outer packaging boxes are made according to international standards, and we can design them specifically for you if needed.

B. If necessary, packaging can be done in plywood cases to prevent transportation damage and for convenience.

A. 7-10 working days, depending on the complexity of the sample.

B. In general, our samples are free. Sample charges depend on different dimensions. If the size is special, we may incur some costs, with a minimum order quantity for customization.

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